Facebook launches ‘Listen’ button on musician’s pages

Facebook is a popular social networking website for musicians. Now Facebook has launched a ‘listen’ button that directs users to the artist’s tracks.

In the last few years, Facebook became an important source for users to listen to music. Sharing music on Facebook became very popular by using such Spotify or Rdio. It will leads to music entertainment and fun on Facebook though. In January 2012, Facebook launched the ‘listen with’ button where users can share the exact same song at the same time. However, both users have to be registered for the music services such as Spotify or Rdio.

Now, Facebook lets users listen to songs from an artist instantly by placing the ‘listen’ button on the top right corner between the ‘like’ and ‘message’ buttons on musicians fan pages. This ‘listen’ button will only appear on artist’s pages though.

The ‘listen’ button will direct users to songs of the artists. If users already connected to Spotify, then it will automatically open and play the playlist. If the user is not connected to any music services, the user will be asked to add the Spotify app.

Facebook is definitely trying to get the best out of people’s visits to the site and is strengthening the amount of time that users are spending on Facebook. This new ‘listen’ button is letting users to share music and to take a look in the music album of the artists.

Would this be the new way for artists to debut?


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