Facebook Launches Streaming Music Service With Spotify

I bet most of you had used music streaming service before. Some of the music streaming services allow you to share  songs with your friends. What will you think if I tell you that now you can listen to or share the music with your friends within your favorite social networking site, Facebook?

That’s great, isn’t it?

Forbes is reporting that the integration service between Spotify and Facebook is currently being tested. When the service is confirmed,  Spotify’s icon will appear on the left-hand-side of user’s newsfeed. Once you click on the icon, the service will be installed to your desktop so that you will able to listen to Spotify’s catalog via Facebook.

However, the service will not be available at the United States where Spotify is not allowed to be launched.

The partnership indicates Facebook’s direction of becoming a hub for media like movies and music. According to Forbes, Warner Bros. announced that it would make movies available to stream and rent through Facebook using Facebook credits.

Previously, Spotify already has Facebook Connect integrated into its own desktop interface, allowing user to share what they are listening to on Facebook. The new service actually has similar social features.

Contradictory happens when Forbes also reports that a Spotify spokesperson claimed not to know about the new music deal and Facebook tells Mashable that there’s nothing new to announce.

So let’s accept the news but maintain a degree of skepticism about its truth.



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