Facebook launches verified accounts and pseudonyms


Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform where people can search each other through real names and real identities. If you got the first and last name of someone, you can always find that person. But from tomorrow, there will be a change in Facebook’s policy; public figures are able to display a pseudonym instead of their birth name.

Public figures such as politicians, artists and celebrities can verify their accounts and show a preferred pseudonym instead of their birth name. Facebook is not sending everyone a request to change these settings, but only to public figures that has many subscribers.  Once people verified their accounts, they will gain more noticeable placement in Facebook’s ‘People to subscribe to’.  It would be an advantage for us and public figures as well to increase the list of ‘People to subscribe to’.  We will be more aware of famous public figures,  because once we subscribe to their page, their stories will appear in our ‘News feed’.  On the other hand, public figures can reach their audience much easier.

To verify their account, they need to upload a government issued photo ID . Facebook will be careful to verify these accounts, so they will manually approve these accounts of  public figures to make sure that no one will abuse their name and account. But can you imagine how Facebook is able to check the reality of the photo and fake accounts?

Public figures have two options to add their pseudonym. They can put the pseudonym besides their real name like ‘’Real Name (Pseudonym)’’.  The other options is that they could still display their pseudonym and put their real name in the ‘About’ page of the profile. As many public figures are only using their pseudonym as there brand, I am wondering how many public figures would verify their account.

If you want to search for a public figure on Facebook, remember to search on the pseudonym and/or the real name.

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