Facebook lets users disable notifications

Users will soon be able to control the flow of notifications on a daily basis. So users can get rid of those notifies.

Facebook is letting users to give users more and easier controls over the notifications. Users are now able to opt out of notifications from applications, groups or other sources via the drop-down menu.  Facebook is making it more users friendly because users can literally turn people off.

According to Facebook Developer blog:

‘’We’re introducing a way for users to opt out of notifications from apps, groups, or other sources (photos, etc.) directly from the notifications drop down menu. People have always been able to opt out on the Notifications Settings page, but this update makes it easier.

People will see more notifications from the apps, groups and features they engage with most, and none from those they choose to remove. For app developers, a less cluttered drop down menu means that notifications from high quality apps will stand out more. Early results have shown that apps that send high quality notifications have seen a lift to click-through and revenue with this update.

You can monitor and improve your opt-out rate for notifications with a new dashboard in Insights. This does not change the way users receive updates from apps through channels like news feed and App Center.’’

This update is allowing users to have the ability to clear their notifications. Developers can track these opt-outs rates so they are aware whether their notifications are welcome.

So are you going to disable notifications?

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