Facebook Messenger – Stand Alone App released for iOS and Android

When Facebook acquired Beluga back in February, the technology world was pondering whether Facebook got the 3 man killer team for its usual talent hunt or was it because it planned on using the technology as well for a change.

Although Facebook did say earlier that they wanted both talent and technology, people still weren’t totally convinced.

Welcome Messenger, the brand new stand alone messaging app for Android and iOS devices, and we finally see what Facebook meant when it said it wanted the technology as well.

Facebook, which earlier patched up with Skype, is rumored to incorporate video within Messenger soon.

Such a move isn’t really ground breaking, since Apple has its proprietary iMessage it uses in their devices – however when the sheer numbers speak – it does seem like an application that would stick.

With the new Facebook layout often criticized for downgrading the chat feature, Messenger seems like an app which would please Facebook users with important people within their friend circles.

Dick Move? Defintely Not. Facebook has hundreds of millions of users. SMS’esque messaging applications only work when the numbers of participating members are high, and Facebook STARTS Messenger with very heavy numbers.

Verdict: There are tonnes of messaging apps for smart devices. With at least one default messaging app from device manufacturers, the situation would almost be called out of hands, only if Messenger wasn’t from Facebook. Everyone has a Facebook account – and that makes everyone a prospect of Messenger.

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