Facebook new photo viewer with ads


Did you already notice that your photos are viewed with ads? Facebook has a new designed photo-viewer which will give ads more prominence, which looks like what Google+ currently offers.

Facebook has launched a new photo viewer which is displaying larger photos with comments and ads on the right sight of the photo in a light-box effect. However, the ads won’t show up if there are a lot of comments.  You have noticed that? Before this, comments were put below the photos which you need to scroll to read the comment, so now you can still review the photo while you are scrolling down on the right box.  Furthermore, the ‘’ Tag Photo’ and ‘Add Location’ buttons are also on the right side, which you will have a clear view of the options.

There are not that much differences between Facebook new photo viewer and Google+ photo viewer.  As the background of Google+ photo viewer is fully a black while on Facebook its dark gray. There is also on Google+ more space between the photo and the comments.

Facebook is definitely giving ads a boost by using your photos. It looks like that Facebook may want to increase the number and value of ads on the website.  By clicking on photos, you will see some ‘ads’, named as ‘Sponsored Stories’.  Noticeably, Facebook is making more income on ads. As we blogged before on 7th of February 2012 ‘More ads are coming to your Facebook mobile timeline’ , Facebook is certainly developing his features on the website as on mobile.

Just take a look on your Facebook page and look whether you will notice the ads. Let us know your opinion.

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