Facebook Profiles Imported to an Online Dating Site

Facebook  may not be an online dating site but many debates that it is definitely one of the ways you can find your potential partner. Face-to-Facebook  realizes that there are some people out there, somewhere, going through profile after profile to see which ‘face,’ they like and eventually try to be friend the person with high hopes that it would lead to a ‘date.’ Lovely-Faces.com does just what some needed it to do, it scans through the face features, categorized the face with a personality, nationality, and of course gender, the best or the worst part of it is that these faces are scraped from the real Facebook profile.

The two duo, Paolo Cirio and Alessandro Ludovico believes that Facebook users know how powerful the Profile Picture is – as we share our display photos with our friends, family, and even acquaintance. Our face, hence, becomes a part of our personality, with the use of a facial recognition algorithm, Lovely-Faces.com puts people’s face to different personality such as easy going, sly, smug, climber, and funny.  With 250,000 profiles already imported to Lovely-Faces.com, it is not a surprised that our name and face could potentially be found on the website.

Above is an example of how one can search for the so-called, ‘faces.’ Once you click on the face, you will be redirected to a page where you can rate the person’s face to a personality of your choice, give a rating star, and provide other comments if you wish. The names of these people are real, so if you type it in Facebook, it would be an exact same match.

After stealing quarter million profiles, Lovely-Faces.com was kind enough to have added in their privacy section that if you found your face in the website, you may contact them via e-mail for it to be removed. Rumor has it that Facebook intends to take legal actions against Lovely-Faces.com. Would people really consider using Lovely-Faces.com or is this just another fad that will fade?

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