Facebook Releases Skype-powered Video Chat

You can now video-call your friends on Facebook via Skype.

There is a new “call”  button,  placed between the “Message” and “Poke” buttons. When you click on that button, the other user will see a popup asking if they want to accept a call. After that, you will be connected when the other user accept it. A small plugin will need to be installed for the first time you use it.

Also, when you click on on any user on the new chat sidebar today, you will be asked whether you would like to make your first video call.  A video message can be sent if other user doesn’t respond.

The best part of Skype calls on Facebook is that users do not need to have a Skype accounts.

Though Google+ has also launched a video chat feature called ‘ Hangouts’ that allows group calling, Zuckerberg said they do not intend to make it a group chat later as one-to-one calling still makes up the majority of video calling.

Go and try it and tell us whether it works for you.

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