Facebook rolls out comment editing

This ‘’copy, delete, paste, edit, post’’ is past time! Facebook starts letting you edit your comments, so you will be able to fix your mistakes.

In the coming few days, you will be able to edit your own comments. Facebook is rolling out this ability as users now only have the ability to remove comments in order rewrite it. Actually, you can edit your comments within 30 seconds. Just click on your text in your comment and you will be able to edit it.

The ability to edit your comments will save some messed up actions such as deleting it, starting a new post, pasting, fixing and posting.  This also means no more duplicate notifications when someone deletes its comment and posts a new one. It could be annoying for some people though.

Facebook will roll it out the next few days, so be ready to edit your previous comments! However, would this cause for a mess during discussions and debate on this giant social media site?

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