Facebook rolls out high-resolution photo display, full-screen viewer

The giant social media platform Facebook has made some changes on their photo display. The updates include two new features: high-resolution photo display and full-screen viewer and that will be the greatest photo update ever.

One of Facebook’s most popular features is their photo gallery. Every day there are more than 250 million per day uploads of photos. However, even the uploads are increasing, Facebook still need to keep up with the growing competition from sites like Pinterest, Instagram and from Google+.

Yesterday, Facebook announced a few enhancements to its photo viewer including full-screen viewer and high-resolution. This is a way to respond to the growing competition as more users are spending more time on Instagram and Pinterest, said Patrick Moorhead, the principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy.

However, these updates are only possible if you are using the latest Chrome or Firefox browsers. On these browsers, you can view full screen photos by clicking the arrows at the top-right corner of the photo. The full-screen viewer will display four times bigger high-resolution than before on a desktop monitor.

Brian Blau, an analyst at Gartner said: ‘the move would bring Facebook “up to speed” with other photo-sharing services. Its previous photo viewer “seemed to be kind of a tacky addition to what is otherwise a nicely laid out service,”

He said also: Google, Facebook and Apple are all trying to expand their own feature sets so they can keep users on their sites. It is competition, but not over photo sharing per se.’’

The photo viewer of Facebook will automatically display the photo in the highest resolution and expand the photo screen. Will these two new features lead for more uploads and photo enjoyment?


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