Facebook testing changes on news feed

It’s always been possible to do your own lists, but it has never been easy to filter out content from the news feed. Facebook makes changes aimed at making the content within news feeds more relevant.

Folks at Mashable reported that they’ve acquired a series of screenshots which reveal that Facebook is testing a great deal of change to the News Feed. The news feed is said to involve friend list filters and Smart list for categorizing friends.  It makes it easier to see updates and share exclusively to a select set of friends.  The screenshots posted at Mashable report seem to be similar to what Google+ has done with Circles.

Smat list is being highlighted.  A list that automatically categorize your friends into work list, classmates list and list for friends who live 50 miles of your city.  This makes it easy to post updates just to your college friends or to talk about a local party with just your nearby friends.

The create list function is already in place but not so many know or care about its use.  The list is a quick way to organize friends.  You can group your trusted friends whom you want to hear from frequently.  You group your acquaintances whom you want to see less of in news feed.  You can restrict a list of friends whom you never want to share with.   You can post your photos and updates straight to the friends and family who will them interesting without bothering someone else.  You can go straight to the updates from your closest friends and skip news from your acquaintance.

The ability to share relevant content with particular groups would be very useful.   It will be interesting to watch how these lists will evolve.




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