Facebook Timeline coming soon for business later this month

Have you ever noticed that brand pages have a lot of ‘Likes’, but not many posts?  Now, Facebook is planning to convert the brand pages to a new Timeline format to increase the activity between brand pages and customers.

Brands are currently not able to customize their own business design style on Facebook, while Timeline is the format to solve this problem. Last year September 2011, Facebook launched Timeline for users and it seems that brand pages can finally customize their own business design style on the most famous social network platform at the end of this month.  This change would be an improvement; however it could affect their tab applications.  Currently, the size of apps are customized, so in this case,the company might invest again in iFrame to redesign their apps.

Facebook users rarely return to a brand page after they have ‘Liked’ a page. I think the reason that Facebook users ‘Like’ so many pages is because it would give their Facebook page a better look with some brand names. Do you recognize this? Users would be a brand storyteller though.

Timeline would give brands more ability to express their self and it could increase their fan base.  The cover and background photo is already a good start for brand pages. Besides this, with no difficulty users can find their posts that were shared weeks or even years ago.

Brands are no longer limited and there is room for creativity. So be creative and start to think about your Timeline business design style!

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