Facebook To Enter China Market

The social media as we know is getting so powerful, Facebook is especially a network that plays an important role in the politics and our daily lives today. And our favourite daily dose of drama slash time-passing site, Facebook is also banned in China. Rumour has it that Facebook is not giving up and will be fighting its way to the market through partnership.

TechRice reported that Facebook plan to partner up with the largest search engine in China, Baidu, words through the grapevines says that Facebook has already signed an official contract with Baidu and together, they will create a new social network.

Given what happened in the Middle East, both Tunisia and Egypt revolution that was claimed to be born with the use of Facebook, there’s a high chance that even if Facebook and Baidu created a new social networking site, that site will be regulated better yet censored or even blocked.

Every time I hear about Facebook, it reminds me of that Egyptian man who named his daughter, ‘Facebook,’ as a thank to the social media that help influence the revolution in Cairo. What do you think about the influence of Facebook in China? Do you think this emergence of Baidu and Facebook will happen and if it does, what do you think will happen?

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