Facebook To Reduce Email Notifications

Similar to the notifications you see in Facebook, email notifications let you know what’s happening even when you’re not logged in.  Friend request, wall post, comment, these are some of the many examples of notifications that Facebook sends via email.  Some people appreciate it, some people don’t, some enjoy reading, some set their filter to automatically delete the email since it shows up in their notification tab anyway.

Facebook has started sending out emails to select users telling them that it will start sending fewer notification emails.  They are testing a new feature that will limit the amount of emails an active user get.  According to the site,  “We’ll provide a new summary email and turn off most individual email notifications.  If you want to turn them back on, there’s a control in your account settings”.

To view or change your email notification setting, go to account settings and click on notifications.  The new setting is call Email Frequency.  The default setting is now checked.  When checked, you will only receive summary emails and notification that Facebook consider as important.  You can modify which action result in an email being sent.

Facebook is changing these settings automatically to a small group of testers but they can change the setting back manually if they want.  If Facebook is running a test like this, it would have been better if Facebook asked their users if they want to take part in this test instead of applying it immediately because most people don’t take automatic changes nicely specially without permission.

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