Facebook used by Law-enforcement in the US

You will need to be careful with the content that you are posting on Facebook from now on because police might be investigating you with the data from Facebook. Hey, I am not kidding.

According to Reuters, US law-enforcement agencies such as FBI, DEA and ICE are getting warrants to search Facebook users’ account without their knowledge. Since 2008, more than 2 dozen warrants searching individuals’ Facebook accounts. Personal data that were obtained from the social networking site includes messages, status updates, links to videos and photos, calendars of future and past events, “Wall postings” and “rejected Friend requests.”

Facebook appeared to have prepared a detailed package of profile and photo information that is not even available to users themselves. Although spokesman of Facebook refused to confirm about this, Reuters’ review of Westlaw legal database shows that federal agencies were granted more than 11 warrants to search Facebook since the beginning of 2011.

However, none of the warrants have been challenged on the grounds that it violated a person’s Fourth Amendment protection against unlawful search and seizure so far. By law, Facebook needs to inform users if their account is used for law enforcement search.

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