Facebook’s Latest Photo Sharing App for iPhone Leaked

Here comes the latest hot news from Facebook. This social networking website that gets 6 billion photo uploads each month and has almost 100 billion photos in total, is going to release a photo sharing app for iPhone.

Based on the images taken from TechCrunch, the app looks like a combination of Path, Instagram, Color and With.

It is both possible that the service will remain within the existing iPhone app or be a standalone app. To make it easily ported to other platforms such as Android, the app will be built using HTML5.

Facebook did not admit about the existence of this app. They only said that they are working on new features.

Single and Multi-Shot Sharing

Users can take multiple photos and share it altogether in a group using the app. To tag their friends,just a tap on faces will do. Photos can also be tagged with location by Facebook Places. Features such as Facebook Event, photo description, privacy settings, and others will also be included.


Friends’ activity stream

Photos are made compact and shown as thumbnails so that it can be easily browsed. And of course, you can expand those picture for better view.

You can view the photos by location in addition to by friends tagged. I think viewing photos by location or event is quite useful as I can get real time information for an event.

When the photo is enlarged, its description, tags, and comments will appear on the bottom side of the photo.

One possible drawback about this app is that it doesn’t have social sharing options to publish photos simultaneously to Twitter, Flickr, Tbmlr, Foursquare, etc. The app only publishes photo to Facebook.

Anyway, these are the information that we can derived from pictures leaked from Facebook. Nothing can be confirmed until the actual launch.


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