Faster iPhones are coming out in September

Apple is going to launch a new iPhone with greater processing power and better camera in September, according to people who are close to the company.

A5 processor(the chip that is added to the iPad2) and 8-megapixel camera will be included. iOS5 which is previewed at Apple’s developer’s conference this month, will be run for the new phone too. The new phone will also include improved messaging and photo-sharing features which are announced earlier.

Release of the phone is pushed back to coincide with the release of new iOS 5. It is expected not to have much difference from its previous version, iPhone 4.

There will also be another cheaper version of the iPhone that Apple is going to introduce to developing countries. The device will be smaller and it will be using similar quality of chips.

Besides, Apple is also testing the new version of iPad. The screen resolution on the new iPad would be about one-third higher than that of the iPad2 and it will be much more responsive.

Source also said that Apple will stop guaranteeing that all iOS apps run on older models such as iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

iPhone is the best seller for Apple that accounts for half of revenue last quater. A faster chip will definitely help the device to have advantage over its closest rival, Samsung phones that are built upon Android platform.

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