February 14th, a special “love” day for a Facebook and Angry Birds

angry birds

If you are one of Facebook and Angry Birds junkies, February 14th will be a special day for you either you are single or dating someone. The two most popular Android apps, Facebook and Angry Birds, will finally merge this upcoming Valentines Day.

Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds, planned to launch a globally successful game on Facebook already last summer but failed. However, Facebook version of Angry Birds is ready to use and will feature full screen mode, new power-ups, special birds, earthquake and other content. The basic game will be free while upgrades such as the Mighty Eagle and max-strength catapult will cost you about $0.99 one at a time. In an exclusive interview Rovio unveiled that about 40 percent of users are willing to buy power-ups. Besides, Facebook Angry Birds App users will be able to keep track of their scores against friends! Eh, are you enough addicted to Facebook already?! But Facebook Angry Birds scoreboard will definitely lead to more fun.

And this is just beginning of Angry Birds expansion beyond being the most popular mobile application. According to Peter Vesterbacka the next step will be seamless experience from device to device so that you could play your favorite game at work on PC and than continue on your way back home using iPad. In addition, Angry Birds will be added as a default app on Samsung plasmas and LCD flatscreen TVs.

Finally, go to Facebook and join Angry Birds coming to Facebook! launch event that says: “Squawk! Everyone’s favorite furious fowl, Angry Birds, is coming to Facebook! Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like competitive pig-popping among friends! Join in on the fun – mark this date on your calendars, and let’s make this the biggest Facebook Event ever!”

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