Feed your love for food with Lovewithfood.com

Food has always been an integral part of our lives. They are a part of our culture, a necessity, a universal hobby that never fails to connect people no matter if they have known each other for 5 minutes or 5 years, and always a joy to discover. Well most of the time it is.

With Lovewithfood.com, discovering new food just got easier. What exactly do they do? The site curates food for foodies, by foodies, and delivers a box of unique tasty finds to members’ doorsteps each month. Not only so, the site also fosters a community of people with a common love for food to share recipes, discounts on cookware, and appreciation for plain old good food.

Not only so, for every package Lovewithfood.com sends out, they donate a meal to No Kid Hungry; that means by subscribing to their membership not only you get to discover new eats and fill your stomach, you also get to gift needy children with the warmth and love of food.

Regrettably, Lovewithfood is currently only available in the US. I personally feel that this service would thrive in the food-loving community in Singapore, especially with our busy schedules that more often than not forces us to settle for speed rather than quality, such as ordering fast-food often. Worn out after a long day, most Singaporeans also fall prey to a daily routine of eating out of their homes to prevent a mess in the kitchen that they’d have to clean up.

Lovewithfood.com will certainly make it more convenient for Singaporeans to enjoy better quality meals with their delivery service, and what better way to interact with friends and family than through the common language of food, especially in a food mecca like Singapore.

So Lovewithfood.com, come over to our sunny little island! We would love to have a community on the web to share our love for food with.

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