File Backup and Sharing All in One –

I don’t have a back up for the files in my MacBook, because I don’t have an external drive. You might be thinking, why don’t you  have an external drive?! Well, I ask myself the same question. It’s because I’d rather spend my money on something else than those things. And, well… I’m too lazy to get one. Haha.

But I recently discovered a website that people can use to store their valuable data online. Storrd allows users to save their data on the website and access it anytime and anywhere there is a device that is web-enabled. The data can also be shared with others easily.

In other words, not only could this website be good for back-up data, but it’s also useful as an online collaboration. File swapping is as simple as making a few clicks. The best part about this is that your account is for free, and are immediatly operational. This means that once you sign up, you’re good to go to upload just about anything – documents, images, vidoes, audio clips… There is no limitation.

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