Find a roommate via Facebook app ‘Friends with Rooms’

Looking for a great roommate, but not sure about the match? No worries! The Facebook app ‘Friends with Rooms’ will search for the perfect roommate match.

Finding a perfect roommate is often very difficult.  It takes some time to realize whether it is the right roommate. If you look around it seems like that everyone has experienced of heard once about an awful roommate story. So… How to avoid the wrong decision by choosing a roommate?

People use very often lists of certain requirements and qualities to find the perfect roommate. This is a common way to find a roommate and then you should be lucky to find the right person who matches your lists. I think that this way of exchanging information could go wrong sometimes, as the information of the renter could be made to be seem like it match perfectly with the requirements, right?

The app ‘Friends with Rooms’ uses Facebook’s social graph to find the perfect roommate.  This app will connect you with people who might be your perfect roommate. According to AllFacebook, the match will be based on the both profiles. Nowadays, matches can be made easier as Facebook users are filling up their profiles. Furthermore , this app is giving each one the chance  to ask their mutual friend or friends about the other. Or would you feel that comfortable to be roommate with someone who you share at least one friend with?

So do you think this app will make perfect matches? It could be an handy platform for people who are looking for roommates and the other way around. Let’s see and wait for the matches.




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