Find Hotel Heaven at Room 77

You’ve searched the internet for the best looking hotel based on your budget. You’ve seen the pictures and read the description and it seems as if you’ve found the perfect place to stay.  Hmm, this looks clean and cozy. And it’s beside the beach so I’ll get a great view! So you book a room online hoping that it will give you the best bang for your buck. And then when you and your family finally get there, you pull up the curtains of your hotel room ready to bask in the sunlight and then you begin to ask yourself – why am I staring at a wall?

Room 77 is a hotel room database and search engine which allows travelers to find exactly what they want in a hotel room.  The idea started years ago when Brad Gerstner, now its founder, was constantly bugged by his friends to give them copies of a list of his favorite hotel rooms kept in his Blackberry. At present, this database includes nearly half a million hotel rooms in 18 different cities and offers potential hotel guests access to both hotel-sourced and people-sourced room information.

With this website and its featured iPhone app, the user will be able to match their preferences to a specific hotel room in a particular area using the “Room Cards” – preferences such as high or low floors, the view and elevator distance. The rooms are ranked and the best matching rooms are returned accordingly once the user selects a hotel.  The website even offers a Google Maps image with 3D buildings that shows the view outside the window.

In the future they plan on including a feature that allows the customer to book the specific room, but for now we have to make do with manual booking.

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