Find Job With Monster’s Facebook App

One of the largest employment websites in the world, Monster now provides you an app to set up a professional network on Facebook.

The app, BeKnown is available from today. It allows Monster users to import their data to Facebook and build professional networks there.

The reason of adapting its job search functionality to social networking is obvious. With 700million users, Facebook is definitely a place where Monster can reach out for more job finders and recruiters. Besides, Monster users will be able to manage their professional identity and social identity altogether in a single site.

BeKnown will face tough competition with the premier professional social network,LinkedIn  that has over 100 million members registered and another new professional network,BranchOut.

However, BeKnown had prepared some special features such as bells, whistles, and badges to differentiate its service with rivals. For instance, users will be given Foursquare-like badges when they reach certain  professional achievement such as college graduation.


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