Find the Perfect Restaurant On the Go with Sparklette

In the spirit of freebies, here’s an app that gives you some when you download it for free. Sparklette, a website that offers to its visitors dining and travel guides, has finally finished producing its iPhone app after three months of blood and sweat. Click here for the free download.

This isn’t just a simple app where you can read the content of the website. Rather it is an extension of the website itself. In addition to being able to read the latest articles that Sparklette releases, you will also be able to browse hundreds of Singapore restaurant and food reviews that you yourself can sort out by cuisine, dish, meal, ambience and location.

The dining reviews retain all the features that you would like to see: photos of the food as well as ratings. The phone number of the restaurant is also placed so you will be able to call them directly using your iPhone. Another bonus is that the restaurant’s location is linked to the iPhone’s built-in Maps application so that you’d figure out how to get there.

So if you need a place to treat out your friends, if you need a fancy place to go out to on a date, or you’re just simply looking for a yummy place to eat, this is the right app for you.

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