Find Your Car with AR:Augmented Car Finder

Augmented Reality(AR) can be described as overlaying computer generated images onto the physical environment using a technology called HMDs (Head Mounted Displays).

For an example, in the combat aircrafts,computer generates images and data on top of the target displayed  on the cockpit’s transparent wind screen for pilots while they are still looking into the real world.

Nowadays, the augmented reality has been used together with built-in GPS and compass in iPhone to locate and track the car you have parked from anywhere you are.

With Find Your Car with AR,  just after your car is parked, tap  ” Car Finder” to lock on to your GPS location like this:


To find your car later, the app will display a layer of onscreen guides on top of the map or the real environment to provide the information about the location. In addition, the app features two levels of GPS accuracy in case you’re trying to save battery or are in rush.

With the information displayed on top of the real environment, it won’t be hard to find your car next time anymore.  The best of all is that you can get it for free from the App Store!

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