Find Your Perfect Party Mix

I am a big fan of music; in fact, I’d like to think that I have a song for almost every moment of my life. Besides regular artists, I personally admire DJs, they are considered artists to me and million other people, to help promote their existence, Dubset performs a Pandora combines with Shazam and for DJs.

Based in Australia, Dubset allow users to listen to various DJs mixes, most of the DJs and mixes are of high-quality and are also from major clubs. Dubset also has a technology in which Dave Stein, the founder, call it as a ‘MixScan,’ this technology allows users to submit the name of the tracks from the mix, thus, making the track name as accurate as it can be.

Dubset currently composed of about 500 DJs who set up their profile with a mix and also their upcoming gigs at various locations. Users on the other hand can choose to follow these artists and keep themselves updated with the latest mixes and information from the DJs.

The self-funded start-up has already step up their game by releasing an iPhone application which pulls professional DJs mixes for users. What do you think about party mixes website?  Where do you normally get your latest mix?

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