First Lawsuit Filed Against Apple for Undisclosed Location Tracking Method

Yesterday I mentioned that your iPhone is keeping track of your location and is saving that information to a hidden file. Shortly after that discovery, it wasn’t such a huge surprise that the first lawsuit has now been filed against Apple for undocumented location database. No real statement from Apple has been released since the issue has been announced. Of course it is not even sure that Apple has broken any laws – an investigation should take place first to determine as to whether or not there really are grounds for suing the company. But as impatient as some of us are, Vikram Ajjampur and William Devito have already filed a lawsuit against Apple.

With this, the company is running out of time to defend itself against the allegations. Unless they come up with the statement soon then they should be ready to face the court. Now as to whether or not the two are just simply taking an opportunity of the vulnerable situation that Apple is in, that’s still a question. But whatever their real motivation is, Apple is still in a dangerous position by not disclosing this file/particular method of tracking.

So what do you think? Are those two really suing Apple for a good reason, or are they just taking an advantage?

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