Flickr Launches Android App

Flickr finally has an Android App !

The Flickr app for Android features a built-in camera interface, with adjustable settings for flash and autofocus. There are 10 filters and effects that you can use to adjust the photos after they are captured. Flickr lets users take photos, enhance them with filters, and then share to Facebook, Twitter and all your other favorite social networking sites.

It would make good sense to build an app similar to iPhone specially now that Android is gaining strength and many new handsets are coming in.

Aside from unveiling it’s app for Android phones, Flickr also has a new sharing feature for it’s users.  It’s a bit similar to Google Plus Hangouts, only that you’re sharing photos live.  Flickr’s newest sharing tool, called “Photo Session,” is designed to imitate the experience of browsing through a photo album in a conventional way, even if the people who are browsing are miles apart. Any user can activate a session by obtaining a special link that can be sent to other invitees.

“This feature brings back the old feeling, sitting on a couch and looking at a photo album,” said Markus Spiering, head of product for Flickr, the photo sharing service owned by Yahoo.

Your friends will automatically be moved on to the next photo when you flick to the next photo in a photostream, While you’re looking at photos, you can chat and draw on them with your friends using the app’s tools. The feature is available on the iPhone and iPad apps, as well as on the Web, so you’ll be able to view photos with your friends no matter which device they’re using.

Users can do Photo Sessions on iPhone, iPads and personal computers.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work on the new Android app but Yahoo plans to address that flaw in the future.

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