Foursquare now Supports 5 more Languages

Foursquare, a web and mobile application that allows registered users to connect with friends and update & check in to various location is now accessible to 1.5 billion people around the globe.

To meet the global demands of its international users, Foursquare has added 5 new languages to its application: Bahasa Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Thai.

The new languages are available in the latest versions of the foursquare app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. To activate them, Users need to update the latest version of Foursquare and make sure that phone’s default language is set to your preferred language

This is the 2nd batch of Foursquare’s efforts at global language expansion.  Back in February of this year, the company added Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese and French.

The reason the app has been expanded to accommodate the 5 languages is based on the areas that represent the most growth for the app.

Prior to this update, Foursquare already had over ten million active users checking in globally. Now these numbers will surely rise quickly if users can use the application in their native tongue.


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