Free Math Lessons with Khan Academy

Who would have thought that someone teaching Math to their own cousin could potentially lead to the best innovation ever? Well, it did for Salman Khan of Khan Academy who has been teaching free math lessons using YouTube in which he has accumulated over 2,000 videos since he started in 2006. Whoever said nothing comes for free hasn’t visited Khan Academy, that’s for sure.

Born and bred in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Bangladeshi, Indian, Salman Khan attained a perfect score on his SATs and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School. Gifted with a math-friendly brain, he was always the one to rely on when it comes to solving an equation among his family and friends. Khan began using Yahoo!’s Doodle Notepad to teach his cousin then slowly evolved to providing tutorials through YouTube videos to enhance the learning process.

In 2009, Khan made a life changing decision to quit his job to follow his heart in fully developing his math tutorial channel on YouTube and he certainly made the right decision as his videos received more than 25,000 hits each video, some even reaches 250,000 hits. The free education for everyone, everywhere must have been the best concept ever and it has gotten even better with the integrated Facebook and Google log in system, students and teachers can now log in to Khan Academy using their personal accounts.

Being bad in math myself, I can totally see why this platform that has been created on Khan Academy can be a transformation for students. Teachers can now clearly see what the students are weak in whether it’s in division or geometry, they can track exactly where that particular student is stuck at, thus, are able to help that student get a better understanding on the subject. In addition, the students can also watch the related videos on that subject to get a better picture of how the equation works.

I very much wish this kind of tool existed in my era; maybe I wouldn’t have to bribe my way out of every math equation I see. What I also like about the application is the fact that each student also receives a batch and points on every math problem that they solve, this is a bit of a motivation for students to try harder, in a way, it is like playing a game, a productive one that is. Word is that Khan Academy received millions and millions of donations from various sources including Google.  I completely support the free education scheme, even more so when it comes to free education online. Way to go, Khan!

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