Friends Manager lets you drag and drop your Facebook friends into different categories

Who are your closest friends on Facebook? By using Facebook it is difficult to know who is exactly going to your Facebook to see your posts. Sometimes you just want to post a picture for a certain group, right? Now there is an app named Friends Manager, which can help you to categorize your friends in three different buckets.

In these days, it is difficult for many people to accept certain people on their Facebook like colleagues, parents or just people who you have met for once. Facebook is getting more and more personal because people can get any information of you like your personal information, posts, pictures and check-ins, so people need to think twice before letting some certain people get to known their daily personal life. Do you recognize the moment of questioning yourself whether to press the button ‘accept’ or ‘ignore’?

The Friends Manager app will make it much easier for you. There is no need to think twice again to accept your friends as you can categorize your friends into three different buckets; Regular Friends, Close friends and Acquaintances. You will have a better grasp on your friends list. But the next question would be; who are your closest friends?

Once you want to make use of this app, you will noticed that your friends list already divided into ‘regular’ and ‘close’ friends. The latter is automatically generated by your usage on Facebook.  Once you dropping and dragging your friends, you will see the new category ‘acquaintances’ as an option when you want to update your status.


Probably you still have some friends request on Facebook. Do you blindly accept friends request on Facebook? Or are you going to accept these friends in order to categorize them in the different buckets? Let us know whether you will use Friends Manager or not.

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