GameStop to start selling iOS devices

Several sources say that GameStop, the video game and entertainment software retailer will soon begin offering the entire lineup of Apple’s popular iOS mobile devices such as iPhones, iPods and iPads at their stores.  The  iPod Touch and iPad are more likely to make easier sales.  It will be interesting how they will sell the iPhone including getting set up on a carrier.  It’s unclear what value the store will assign to these devices as well.

GameStop is a store very known to gamers who like to trade in their used games.   Aside from trading-in your old gaming hardware, the store will now welcome iOS devices into its trade-in program.  The store will start accepting old iOS devices for in-store credit.  So what does the company plan to do with them once they bought them? Will they re-sell them to the consumers?

Some are wondering why GameStop would be selling electronics. Since GameStop is a game store, it would make sense to have these iPads, iPods, and iPhones because it’s where you play your casual games on.  Hardcore and casual gamers are spending more time and money on mobile games. This looks like a good match for Apple and GameStop

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