Get Freebies by Simply Liking on LikeBids.Com

Wouldn’t it be nice if you got free products that you like? As in, that you literally like? Like, Facebook kind of like? Before I confuse you any further, let me first explain. is a website that allows you to win freebies and coupons simply by liking something on Facebook and sharing it to your friends.

Too good to be true? It definitely is. Although it sounds like some scam or virus, trust me it’s not. And the free items are not just focused on one category. These items range from fashion, health & beauty, electronics and video games, catering to trend setters and beauty buffs and video game addicts. In fact, the website comes with a search engine that allows you to look for that item that you want to get for free.

The genius of this website is not only in the fact that it gives out freebies (although some people may contest to that) but also to the fact that it is effective in finally building the bridge between social networking and ecommerce in such a way that is attractive and convenient for the users.

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