Get Price Drop Alerts for over 38 Million Products

Another confession: I’m a cheapskate. But only to a certain extent. But yeah, I’m still a cheapskate. I make sure that what I buy is value for money, and I make sure that I am not missing out on a sale or any price drops… Which is what makes this website so effective. I personally get really pissed when I buy something expensive, say a cellphone, only to learn a week later that its price has been slashed by 50%.

PriceDropAlert.Com is a website that alerts you when it is the best time to buy an item without even having to do any tedious researching. It lets users set down notifiactions for as many products at once. If the price of that certain product goes down, then the user is notified through email.

What’s awesome is that PriceDropAlert has about 38 million products in its database. It also offers different coupons and discount codes. I’m definitely signing me up! Its Cheapskate Heaven 🙂

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