Get What You Want with Zaarly

I want a fried basil leaves with rice and sunny, extra spicy, and a chocolate chip brownie to be delivered at my desk, now. That wish of mine could come true along with all your other beatable and unbeatable wishes with Zaarly, a new start up that encourages users to bring things to other people’s doorstep.

The newly start-up company has already been funded by the Twitter Guru and celebrity, Ashton Kutcher, Felicis Ventures, Paul Buchheit, Bill Lee, Naval Ravikant and Lightbank; Zaarly is currently funded at $1 million.

What do you want? Do you want a Starbucks coffee or tea? Whatever you want, post it in the application with the amount of money you are willing to pay for that particular item. Besides food, clothes, and other items, Zaarly also promotes items such as catching a ride to the airport or borrowing something from someone and to pay it hourly or whatever suits you best.

Zaarly smartly detects where you are and where other users are, allowing you to make your best selection according to the distance. Once picked, you can then text with the user using the application itself, if you two are comfortable making a deal, then a deal it shall be.

I think that Zaarly would be a great tool not only to exchange, buy, and get favours from people nearby but you never know, you might end up making more friends and also expand your network. Zaarly is set to launch in just a few days, we’ll have to wait and see if it will be a trend in Singapore. In the meantime, I wonder, is there any application that similarly functions like  Zaarly in Singapore?

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