Get Your Friends to Pay For Your Bills –

Can you pay my bills
Can you pay my telephone bills
Can you pay my automo’bills
Then maybe we can chill…

When Destiny’s Child came up with this song, it was pretty clear that it was made for their boyfriends whom they felt was cashing in on them pretty hard. Well imagine singing this song to your own friend, because now there’s a start-up site that allows your buddies to actually pay your bills for you.

StartRaising.Com is a clever website that lets people who are a bit tight on their budget to enlist their friends in order to have them pay their bills and expenses collectively. And we’re not just talking about electricity bills… We’re talking about any kind of bill, from the critical ones, to the… Not-so critical ones, if you’re that big-headed.

The website works by allowing its users to create fundraising campaigns. They invite all their friends and families and a certain number of people are nominated within each group. The rest of the members of the group will vote which one they would most likely help in paying his or her bills. The person who garners the most vote will be the one whom the whole group will fund when the group itself is assembled.

So for all you people who are running tight on money, for all you people who have unpaid hospital bills, or simply for those of you who would rather sit in front of the computer and ask for money rather than work hard for it yourself, go ahead and visit your website. It might just be an easy way to pay your bills… If you have good friends.

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