Gmail now features automatic message translation

Users of Google’s Gmail service can make use of automatic message translation. This would be a handy feature!

This new feature is letting users to answer emails in the sender’s native language. Jeff Chin, Product Manager for Google Translate wrote:

‘’some people just wanted to easily read newsletters from abroad. Another person wrote in telling us how he set up his mom’s Gmail to translate everything into her native language, thus saving countless explanatory phone calls. Since message translation was one of the most popular labs, we decided it was time to graduate from Gmail Labs and move into the real world.”

In the header at the top of every message that is written in a foreign language, you will see an option to ‘Translate message’.  Just in once click and your message will be translated into another language. This is also useful if you need to write an email in another language, so this service can help you to translate though.

If you are bilingual, you can turn off the feature, or else you can turn it on. To activate the feature, you just click on the down arrow next to reply at the top-right of the message panel.

This new service will translate the message instantly for you. In these coming days, Google will roll out this translate service to Gmail users. What is your opinion about this new translation feature?


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