Go Gaga Over GagaVille

As if Lady Gaga still needs the help, Zynga is partnering with her and coming up with new marketing products to promote the artist, connecting music downloads to its social games. From the infamous FarmVille, hardcore fans must now get ready for Gagaville. It is a uniquely designed neighboring farm to FarmVille, showcasing unicorns and crystals and all that other Gaga-esque bling. The game launches this May 17.

To get Gaga fans on board the game, Gagaville visitors will have an exclusive, first listen to unreleased songs to the artist’s Born This Way album which will be sold starting May 23. Zynga will also be giving out gift cards in Best Buy stores in US and Canada that includes a free download of the album, a Lady Gaga unicorn in Farmville, and – here’s the craziest part – a chance to hang out with Lady Gaga herself in one of her video shoots.

The company is also adding the artist’s virtual goods in other 10 games, making it he biggest promotional offer it has made so far. I mean it is after all Lady Gaga – nothing is too far-fetched with the woman who wore a meat suit. Players will simply have to log in to Rewardville to get these items from games such as FarmVille and Mafia Wars.

And as if that isn’t enough, the Words With Friends game will also give a chance for its players to win tickets to a concert during Lady Gaga’s next tour, just by simply guessing what’s the word of the day.

I bet all you Gaga fans are just dying for May 17 to come.

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