Go Try it on – Free online fashion consultants

This will be a good news for girls who are very concerned about how they look in the public.

With Go Try it On, girls can upload their own photo from their desktops or iPhone to get real-time feedback from the online community about the outfits that they were wearing.

Go Try it On is a website and iphone app with sleek, user-friendly interface.  What differ Go Try It On from other online fashion startups is that they made a great investment in data and analytics.

Using the data and analytics, Go Try It On will display only the data that is useful to their members. Users will tend to be notified about good feedbacks about their outfits. After that, further improvements for the look using certain products will be also be suggested.This feature will be useful to both users and fashion merchants. Fashion merchants will be able to focus their marketing strategy on potentially profitable customers.

According to users of the website, the community is very active. Users are able to get immediate comments about their look within an hour usually.


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