Google+ Already Has Over 10 Million Users

Although Google+ project is now still on trial, it already has a huge base of fans.

Google CEO Larry Page revealed some interesting statistics on Google+ today.  He said the new management structure he implemented is working well and it helps Google to reach the goal of making sharing things on web like sharing in real life. There are 10 million users who have created profiles, and these users are sharing and receiving 1 billion items per day. In particular, the favorite feature of Google+ among users is the Circle that allows users to group their Google+ contacts in categories.

In other words, Google+ has attracted 1.3 percent of Facebook users  in two weeks. It becomes the most aggressive social product from Google.

While Google+ is now a very hot topic and everyone knows about its power, but let’s think about the statistics. 10 million users with 1 billion items shared per day means each person shared or received about 100 items per day in average. Is that possible? The statistics sounds weird to me as I don’t even receive or share more than 50 items per day.hmmm..



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