Google+ App For iPhone Is Officially Available Now

Google+ had already gathered 10 million users within 3 weeks. It is impossible for the clever social networking site to miss introducing its own mobile app. So now Google is offering Google+ app  for free on the iPhone App Store.

The app provides most of the functionalities Google+ has on website. The dashboard of the app appears to be a grid of icons to access the Stream, Huddle, Photos, your profile and Circles, as well as a Notification. The animation when switching between sections is quite fast on iOS4. Push notifications for new comments and shares can also be sent. However, +1 won’t be possible in the homepage. To +1, you will need to open a single post and hit the +button in the upper right corner.

Something great about this app is that it will be location based. Swiping to the right of stream will load posts from people nearby. Other geolocation features include a check-in button located in the top toolbar and extended locations options in the New Post screen. You will be able to load your precise current location, your city, or point of interests. If you don’t feel like sharing that kind of data, you can hide it too.

Photos can also be taken directly from the app with built-in camera button. Uploading photos would be easy as it can be done without jumping back to the Stream.

My favorite feature of Google+, Circle interface has been redesigned for the app and streamlined to simplify the process of adding and managing friend lists on the iPhone’s smaller screen. Friends can be moved between circles and people and circles can still be browsed by with two tabs in the top toolbar. You can also search by name or email, or even load circle’s specific stream and start reading and commenting from there.

Just after 1 hour 40 mins from the launch, Google discovered problems with it and quickly release a more stable version with better support for blocking unwanted messages in Huddle, better support for attaching photos to posts and various bugs fixes and performance improvements. Users are urged to reinstall the latest version if they had downloaded the older one.

You can download the app here if you would like to give it a try. I hope its app for iPad will be out soon as well. Good job, Google.





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