Google Apps vs. Microsoft 365: The Cloud Office


Having your office with you everywhere and all the time? Google Apps is changing the relationship to the workplace in a better and more efficient way.

Many of us are now permanently available via mobile devices for reading emails, checking corporate intranet or even for working at home. However, working at home, on the go or anywhere need collaboration and interpersonal communication. Cloud-based applications and services such as Google Apps can support people to work at home or anywhere.

It seems like that Microsoft 365  is trying to provide the same products and services as Google Apps.  However, there are some similarities but still more differences which has a great impact for cooperation and communication wherever you are.

Google Apps vs. Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a traditional office suite and Google Apps is a cloud based productivity suite that features several Web applications. Therefore, Google Apps is offering its users to make it virtually possible to work on each device with a web browser such as iPhones, Blackberry’s, Windows Phone and Android devices. As long as you have a modern browser with Internet connection, you can have access to your work everywhere.

However, Office 365 users don’t have fully access to their work on some devices. For instance, for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android users, they can’t view their Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. This means that editing and creating is not possible on these devices and that will definitely limit your work.

It is important that businesses can have optimal team collaboration and interpersonal communication tools on different kinds of devices as many of us are now permanently available via mobile devices.

Google Apps was designed to provide full featured experiences on any device or operating system and you can experience this for sure!

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