Google Art Project Brings Art to Your Doorstep

Taking a quick trip to Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam or the National Gallery in London is as easy as a few mouse clicks now that Google unveils ‘Art Project,’ a collection of high resolution images of famous museums around the world. Google Art Project was originated from one of its programs, Google Street View4 which allow the users to explore the streets, Google Art Project as you guessed it, lets you tour the museum.

What makes Google Art Project different from searching for images on search engines is the fact that it gives you a proper 360 degrees virtual tour with floor plan on the side panel for you to navigate. As you imagine yourself walking around the museum, you can also click on the painting that tickles your fantasy to view an extremely high resolution texture composed of 7 billion mega pixels.

Description of the painting are also captured on the sidebar, other viewing notes such as information about the museum can also be found in the application and it is also linked to the museum’s official website. Although Google Art Project contains only some high resolution images of the paintings, it is definitely a good start for the program especially for people who appreciates art and all its history.

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