Google Buys Domain G.Co for URL Shortening

Just like Twitter, Overstock and Amazon, Google is buying G.Co to create an official URL shortcut for their products such as GMail, Documents and Photos. According to Co-founder of .Co registry, Juan Diego Calle who talked to Reuters recently, single letter domains costs more than $1.5 million in general.

The domain will be used to create a shortcut for all Google’s products and services using the format[XYZ product/ service]. Google VP of consumer marketing Gary Briggs said that visiting a G.CO shortcut will always result in a page for a Google product or service.

The .Co domain registry’s first anniversary of its public launch was two days ago. It hit 1 million registered domain after existing for 10 months. Its marketing strategies were aimed at tech companies who had to settle for the common .com domains which are expensive and have limited spellings. New .Co domain offers a good alternative.

.Co director Lori Anne Wardi told TechCrunch about their aspirations on the phone earlier,” We want to be a inspiring people with big dreams and big ideas to do it on a .Co. We want to be a platform for the world’s next great business.”

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