Google Chrome now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

During the Google’s I/O developer conference, Google has announced to release the Chrome browser for iOS devices.

The Chrome browser is bringing some new features to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad such as tab and bookmark sync. This means that you can have access to your data on other Chrome browsers. However, there are some restrictions by using Chrome browser on iOS. The default browser on the iPad and iPhone cannot be changed. There is no support for setting anything other than Mobile Safari as default browser. So in this case, Safari will open to load when you click on a link in an email or app.

The tabbed browser interface is another feature that gives users a better and clear browser. The browser will be the same as Chrome on the desktop where users can use the address bar for both search and URLS. So there is no need as in Safari to enter your Web searches in another text box. As its look like Chrome desktop, there will be thumbnail versions of your most visited sites by default, the new ‘blank’ tabs.

On the bottom of the screen there are options such as ‘Most visited’, ‘Bookmarks’ and ‘other devices’ . The ‘Other devices’ option let you see what is open on your other devices. Handy right?

The Chrome browser app is now available for download. Give its a shot and let us know whether you prefer using Safari over Chrome browser or the other way around.


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