Google Cools it’s Data Center With Ocean Water

In the past, data centers are cooled with air-conditioning or some cooling systems.

But now, Google discovered a new technology that can cool the entire data center with ocean water.

The site of the data center is at Hamina, Finland. As the site used to be a paper mill, water tunnels were already there. So Google utilises the granite tunnels for its cooling technology.

How does it work?

The ocean water is sucked in through granite tunnels and pumped through the data center in pipes. After that, the water is run into exchangers that dissipate the heat from servers. Finally, it’s mixed back with cooler water and put back into the sea. In order to make sure the tunnels were not blocked, Google uses a small submarine to observe it.

I personally think this is quite impressive. Not only it saves money, it also do not bring any impacts to the environment. Energy is the biggest expense at a big data center usually,but now not anymore, thanks to Google’s technology. Other than ocean water, there is also an air cooling method used by Facebook’s new data center in Oregon. But I still think that ocean water cooling method is the “coolest” among all.

Watch the video if you like to know more:


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