Google Docs gets better at Spell-Check

Thanks to the new update of Google Docs, users are now able to write in Google Docs with help of Web-powered spell checking.

Google Docs is a free, Web-based office suite and data service. It allows users to create and edit documents online in real-time with others users and have access in the documents anywhere. The improvement of Google Docs is letting users be able to check their spelling and words errors. It will definitely save some embarrassing grammar errors moments like for a presentation, meeting or print out.



The Spell-Check will recognize words immediately that is either misspelled or improperly used and the checker will flags with a red underline. For instance the misused words like: ‘you’re’, ‘your’, ‘its’ and ‘it’s’. But the Spell-Check will also recognize new words which become popular enough such as pop culture and slang terms. Google Docs will no longer rely on a dictionary. It will be the same as Google Search that the spell-check will be adapted with the Web.

According to Yew Jin Lim, Google Software Engineer, said: “The neat thing about that system is that it’s adaptive: our suggestions get smarter and smarter based on the words Googlebot sees as it explores the web’’.

As you notice, this free update is becoming closer to Microsoft Office. However, this update is only available for Google Docs and presentation in English. The other languages will be rolled out soon, said Google.

Slowly, Google Docs is becoming a viable substitute for Microsoft Office. Don’t you think? I think this is really a great update to have an evolving spell check which will solve a lot of problems.

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