Google Drive: launching next week with 5GB free

I wrote earlier that Google Drive might come in April. Now the time has come, Google Drive will be launched next week for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS.

According to The Next Web, Google Drive will be available next week and probably on Tuesday or Wednesday. It will allow users to store files online and access your files on the PC, tablet or smartphone. I wrote earlier that Google Drive might offer 1GB space for free, but now it has confirmed that it would be 5GB of free storage and users can buy more additional space by charge. Furthermore Google Drive can put as a folder on the PC or Mac desktop which is quite similar as Dropbox, right?

Dropbox is a popular Web-based file hosting service and is offering its users 2GB free storage, however they just has partnered with HTC to give those users an additional 25GB for free. However for the Google users would be very easy to use Google Drive because they don’t have to sign up for Drive. Google users just need to add Drive onto their current Google account. This will save some time and will encourage users to add Drive!

Currently, Dropbox has more than 45 million users which are saving one billion files every three days. It seems that Google Drive is definitely a rival for Dropbox.  So would Dropbox users try Google Drive? Or would you sign up for Google account to make user of Drive?





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