Google Enables Instant Pages, Picture & Voice Search

Usually you search by keywords on Google search box but now you can also search by voice and image on Google.

Voice Search

This would be a very useful function when your queries are long. It makes use of Chrome’s speech API. You can simply shout out the keyword and Google will search it for you. Remember to make sure your microphone is working.

Image Search

If a picture worth more than thousand words, wouldn’t it be great if you use an image to start a search on Google?

Search by image uses the technology of Google Goggles to analyze image to find its most distinctive points, lines and textures and creates a mathematical model. The model will then be matched against billion images of  Google’s index, and page analysis will derive a best guess text description, similar images or webpages that contain your image.

This feature will be available over the next couple days.

Instant Pages

With Instant Pages in Chrome, webpage can be loaded instantly. Chrome’s Instant Pages technology will begin loading the webpage of the first search result early so that the webpage will appear fully loaded by the time you click on the result. Watch the video to see the how Instant Pages work.

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