Google+ gets a ‘Share’ button

Want to share interesting content from sites on Google+? Now the new ‘Share’ button is allowing you to share content from anywhere on the web directly to Google+. This new button is encouraging people to spread the content of pages among connections on Google’s social network.

The new ‘Share’ buttons on Google+ is different from the share buttons on Twitter and Facebook. It is only possible to share one time with your friends when you click on the ‘share’ button on Twitter and Facebook. However, the Google+ button gives you the ability to share multiple times with a variety of people and audiences. So users got the option to share a page with specific people or Circles in their network.

The colour of the Google+ button will change after sharing the content. Before it is grey and after it turns red.  Even the +1 button will turn from grey to red after clicking.

The product manager Rick Boroyoy said:

‘When your visitors come across something interesting on your site, sometimes you want to encourage a simple endorsement (like +1). Other times, however, you want to help visitors share with their friends, right away. Today’s new Google+ Share button lets you do just that.”

Google is expanding the share services in order to spread the content among Google’s social network. This ‘Share’ button is worldwide available. Google developers can add this new button on their site by going to this website.

So enjoy this new sharing service by using the new ‘Share’ button!

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